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Tears of Saint Lawrence

"Tears of Saint Lawrence" is the title of the novel that Julio Llamazares wrote in honor of the island of Ibiza. The writer, fascinated by the authentic Ibiza, the Ibiza that only it’s residents know, decided to dedicate a story.

This is a novel full of existential reflections that invite readers to feel like Ibiza is a place where everything is possible. A beautiful and wonderful place with a special tempo, to which the protagonist returns with his son to watch the Tears of Saint Lawrence, the shower of shooting stars that take place every summer during July and August.

When you are installed in Cabau S'Argamassa Villas you will feel the tempo of which the author speaks. In Ibiza, the hours, the days have another tempo. You decide how fast the days go in Ibiza. Live your own experience with no rush, no commitments, just enjoying. And if you're thinking about how to live the adventure and discover the real Ibiza, get ready because the supply is endless.

Ibiza is an island of contrasts. It’s impossible not to be fascinated by her charms. Let yourself go and while on vacation do exactly what you feel like doing. You can spend your days under a bright sun in you private pool of your villa or on the white sandy beach, go for walks in the craft markets, discover paradisiacal places or opt for water sports. All this during the day because at night, life goes on in Ibiza.

Choose to spend nights in touch with nature, lying by the pool in your villa looking up at the sky, bathing in the pool contemplating the sky full of stars, or go and live the crazy nightlife that Ibiza offers, it’s up to you.

In any case, whether you choose to go out and have fun outside or enjoy your villa at night, in summer you can enjoy the natural spectacle that is Tears of Saint Lawrence. The Perseids, also known as Tears of Saint Lawrence in Catholic countries (August 10 Saint Lawrence), is a meteor shower that occurs cyclically every summer between July 16 and August 24.